Optimal health, flowing hydration, minerals, vitamins, cellular love, vitality, zest, & flourishing embodiment to self.

Living intentionally,
feeling epic

Global impact.
You, your family, & our Mother Earth
ripple effect


Focus IN is about bringing ourselves together through remembering and re-discovering OUR unity of mind, body, emotions and soul.  UNITY, is what you are.  Bringing your body into homeostasis.

There is currently 2 Active parts to Focus IN (Discover yourCELLS & Ride your Wave). Plus other ways to invest in your health & life force energy.  They separately hold something powerful, and when combined in unison they flow synergistically to enhance the strength, flow and power of each individual component.

There is something here for anyone especially when you find yourself to be a eco friendly, open-minded, curious, growth ready, ambitious truth seeker of a human being! If that is you, you are in the right place!

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You are your greatest discovery


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Water is a key to transforming your life

What is Discover yourCELLS?

Live Blood! Which means hydration and nutrition focused 
Microscopy in motion. This process requires taking 1 drop of your blood and showing you your current nutrition at work on a cellular level. Providing you with LIVE feedback, information, insight, awareness and suggestions to take action on.  

We do not diagnose, cure or prescribe
What is Ride your Wave?

Ionized hydration! That will actually penetrate into your cells. Using a Certified Medical Grade Machine in your own home. Not only does your body love it, so will your home, plants and more. Sustainable & eco friendly and water that is epic for everything that matters to you most. Example:  partner, children, plants, fur babies, skin and clothing. You name it this machine has a feature for you and your vitality.
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What Clients Say

"WOW! I am so glad I did this! Seeing myself on a cellular level was what i've been looking for. It was flat out captiaviting. Thank you Jayna for helping me discover what is actually going on and the suggesions to improve. Being plant-based I thought I had a grasp of what I needed, now I have a better target to aim for. Looking forward to my follow up! GodBless You!"
"Jayna! Thank you again for today! Seriously my mind was blown that we were able to see some of the issues I have been having in my blood. I already went and bought a few of the things you recommended for me to add!"
Stay rooted & connected
to self discovery, daily practice techniques, sheer bliss, data, hikes, trails, stories, intelligence & so much more!

Ready for an uplift?!

Sick of feeling not like yourself? Feeling like you are stuck or getting pulled in so many directions? Seeking clarity and truly connecting the dots for yourself and your health?  


Perhaps you are ready for a new level of being, feeling and doing. 

There is a solution that will get to the root.  We just get to navigate to it. You are unique and not here to be in a box. Time to take the opportunity on yourself and say... 

 to feeling 

Yes to you! Yes to what you are envisioning for yourself. Yes to your goals. YES to your LIFE!  

Gain power of your body again and let's keep it natural. You are here to stay in motion. 


Work 1:1 for some life coaching and/or nutrition focus. Book a session with LIVE microscopy, start your yoni egg journey, dive into your nourishment or join the connection with podcast "Journey of Living!" So many options and much more to come!  Can't wait to have you become part of all the FOCUS!