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Everything shared below is products Focus IN has been sharing, showcasing and owning for quite some time. They were not products given to promote but rather product found in own time and LOVE. They are ALL, yes ALL in the home and utilized daily. Perhaps you will find the joy and bliss in them too.


In the home :

Do you have a kettle? My goodness game changer! Can you say convenient ? My goodness, after deciding to get one, I ask myself where has this been my whole life? If you are one who loves warm beverages and you know how much your vessel loves them too.  This is the focus fav - in gold of course ;)  


Do you know the benefits of grounding yourself? If not, click here. If you do know, sometimes you may not want to go outside to do it. Perhaps because you don't have access to grass or perhaps because it's cold out. This is a game changer. A Grounding Mat.  Keep it out and plugged in.  I guarantee your children and doggies may make their way to it too. This is a focus fav and used daily. 


Are you an eco friendly one? Perhaps you would like to reduce some of waste? I made the shift from disposable razor to safety razor.  At first it was a shift, will take time to get used to and perhaps a couple kicks and cuts along the way...haha.  This happened to me but then I continued and found the magic.  This is what I have! 

Don't forget about the blades too 

Also recently shifted to Last Swab, no more buying 500 Qtips when you have one that is epic. 

Quality over quantity ;)

Let's talk about that tongue. Did you know your tongue is the place where a ton of bacteria will get placed while your vessel is doing its nightly processing?  Yes that's right the tongue. The tongue is also giving you feedback. Scrap it every rising. Add the Tongue Scraper into your world. This will lead to a healthier and cleaner mouth also removing toxins and bacteria so you are not swallowing them back down in the rising. Scrape before anything, well for sure after using the bathroom. For real. Game changer. Been on the tongue scraper for 4 years now, can't imagine my mouth without it. 


Do you get the most epic ideas in the shower? Or perhaps you are one who gets inspired in the shower and get brilliant, intelligent ideas, but you have nowhere to write them or you forget before you get out of the shower.  Get the Aqua notes. Game changer. 

I see the shower as a sacred place to cleanse and to write.  Or perhaps a way to study too, whatever you choose AquaNotes got you covered.  been using the Aqua notes for 7 years now. The shower isn't the same without them. 

Tapestries for the home. One of my favorite ways to add nature inside. I have 2 different styles in the home. Both nature of course ;). They are not overly expensive, easy to hang and add so much color into a space.  


Focus Favs for attire. 


The top notch Buddha pants.  These were discovered in 2020 when seeking for a looser, yet sassy little sexy pant.  I was facing some swelling in my legs and thought perhaps it's time to shift from always wearing tight fitness clothes to something more breathable and these beauties came to me.  They are simply the best.  Just be sure not to dry them now. Air dry only. I rock a size medium cause I got a little boom bop bing in my booty. I rock them with it all. I do yoga in them, go on adventures, wear high heels with them cause I can, dress them up or dress them down. Either way they got you covered all over the city or town. They also have some bam prints. 

I have nearly ALL the prints haha. (see image below) 

Time of the month? Yes ladies I know.  I decided to get on the bandwagon of comfy period panties that are leakproof.  I don't like sleeping in a tampon, quite frankly I feel free bleeding is the best for the yoni. Especially at night. Came across these beauties and they don't break the bank ;) Size Large for me. 

Head wraps.  One of my new favs. My goodness my head just doesn't feel the same without one. I started it as a spiritual journey to protect and tap deeper into my own energy and choose who it goes to. The head is your crown.  I  used the wrap as a physical way of staying aware. Now though, I simply love wearing them and my hair appreciates it too. Living in the desert with that hot air can really bring dryness to the hair. These 3 links are my favorites. 


Blue light glasses. Essential for anyone on screens.  They make such a difference. Reduce eye strain and improve productivity. Your eyes will thank you.  Ps there is so many styles out there find one that is your jam and don't go a day without rocking them. 

Do you like hiking and the color green? Say no more. You totally need to get yourself a pair of yellow sunnies. Epic.  They are an essential for when I hike but also days I just feel like wearing them.  They are also great for night time driving. 



You know all about the power of a trampoline?  What it can do for your lymphs correct? How about that circulation? Needless to say a small trampoline is a great way to get movement. It can make that circulation better (very important). Allow you to get better at balance and coordination. Better core strength and cardiovascular fitness. Also muscles strength. Rebounding is a great home add in. I suggest to do tapping on your vessel while jumping to aid in drainage.  


Tongue Drum is a form of a sound healing. This can aid in depression, anxiety, stress, ptsd, pain and more.  I picked this beauty up over a year ago and it is so soothing.  Tuned it and feel it is in a C scale which is known to aid in blood dis-ease and purification. Yes sound healing is important for the vessel.  You are vibration and frequency. I got the 12 inch drum. Once again many to choose from. Pick the one that lines with you.  

Shower Curtain hooks - Copper!

 perfect hooks to pair with the Focus Olas Shower Decor, Focus Dessert Shower Decor & Focus Motley Shower Decor.

Green Plants
Green Plants
Green Plants

Please note: these are affiliate links meaning that if you purchase through these links, we'll earn a small commission on your purchase. We appreciate your support, we appreciate your curiosity to find the joy in them too and we will that you love it as much as we do. 


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