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Meet Jayna! She is the founder of Focus IN, and is located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

She has been in the health industry for over a decade now. Her health journey began within the fitness industry when she competed in National Physique Committee Competitions, and learned about nutrition for body sculpting. Her interest piqued further when she was introduced to personal development and herbology. She studied and practiced these disciplines for a while, experimenting and deep diving into understanding the foundation of the body. She then decided to further her education, specializing in the holistic functional approach and chose to focus on the microscopic level with cellular health. Jayna has been continuously studying and performing deep ceremonial work for over six years in order to become a certified Full Circle Facilitator. She has been practicing blood microscopy for three years. Now she is here to lead you on your journey to Focus IN and become your healthiest self!

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Jayna is a firm believer in longevity & vitality. She promotes health to be a core responsibility with her clients.


She helps people become curious and probe further into their health to obtain measurable results. Her passion and knowledge runs deep in promoting "the compounding effect." It the idea that small, seemingly insignificant actions can lead to huge results over time. Based on this phenomena, you can determine your future health & lifestyle through the minute actions performed today.

Recently, Jayna is empowering all walks of life. She assists clients by displaying live feedback of their cellular health. She is trained in Light Field Microscopy, Nutritional Blood Microscopy, and Practical Applications. She creates a fun environment in order to educate and bring awareness to her clients' health needs. Bodily discovery and exploration play a large role in her business, Focus IN. 

She works with anyone interested in gaining an education on their body's function. She also loves to offer more learning material and entertainment on her main social media platform, Instagram. In the near future, she envisions herself collaborating with more local Las Vegas organizations, groups and businesses. 

Her Passions


Live blood microscopy


Learning & Applying 

Teaching & Guiding

Healthy cooking & creating

Cellular Healing



Elimination of diets

Movement & Soul Freedom

Creating new paths

Rhymes & Communication


Dog & Plant Mama

Nature hikes exploration & the ocean

Giving back & paying it forward