My goodness it's been a journey since the early morning of March 13th, 2022 at 4:09am. The accident that has challenged me on all levels (mentally, physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually) & has changed a lot (literally) within myself. In the video above gives a fairly in-depth overview of what happened, the 3 surgery's I have experienced on my left clavicle and what is yet to come. I have had so many reach out during this time asking how to help. It has been a question tough for me to answer all those times. Scroll below for how.

Though now, I understand what was holding me back from asking. (more details in the video) Here I am today, asking & ready to receive and giving the opportunity for how you can help. I truly appreciate and thank all the encouraging words, checkins & effort given along the way.  This journey has been one of the toughest I've been on. Though there are many blessings that have come from it. It has opened up new ways of being for myself. It has opened up new found love, compassion, forgiveness & grace for myself . The connection I have gotten to continue to develop with myself from the inside out and truly allowing myself to let go of so much baggage in the process. I have been in the pits, the valleys and many monsoons along the way. Giving myself permission to be direct, real & raw about what healing looks & feels like. It isn't linear and what can develop overtime from structural issues/ physical pain.  Learning new layers of what overdoing it can look and feel like. I haven't been able to get back to work fully and had to make the tough decision to let one of my other jobs go. Due to being unable to perform (fitness instructor). My income still hasn't reached what it once was and have been playing catch up these last months to make ends meet. My energy is returning though and getting more consistent again! However, I will not be spreading myself so thin like I was before. I have learned this the hard way.  My focus is more channeled and I look forward to present and launch something I have been working on behind closed doors. This accident isn't for nothing. It has been a new direction for me. I am allowing & choosing myself to open my eyes again to the vision/dreams I have always had and am ready to contribute to society and Earth on a different level.

I invite you to take a moment to watch the video or perhaps you are very well informed already and ready to assist/help/support.  I wanted to give options and opportunity for choice. This is my way of asking... 



3 ways of action:

1. My birthday is coming up! August 29th. I have created a gift registry of things I need and/or want. Ranging $6-$140


2. Booking a service and supporting me on continuing to build the business on top of gaining new discoveries for yourself. 


3. Donating to :

     Cashapp: $thefocusin

     Venmo: Jayna-Nordmark

     Paypal: @LionessLeaveYourMark

Overview of the injuries:

Severed Left Clavicle - 3 surgeries April 20, 2022, June 22, 2022, & July 20, 2022

Concussion, whiplash in neck, hips jarred and out of alignment, vertigo remains, 4 inch gash down frontal lobe, cracked 5 teeth, and left side of lip torn open (plastic surgeon handy-work completed)

Current amount of medical bills:

$32k [4 hrs in the Trauma Center (MRI,CatScan, Etc), Ambulance Journey, & Plastic Surgeon]

Work that lies ahead:

1.      8-12weeks Physical Therapy (receiving range of motion again in left arm)

2.      NeuroMuscular Physiology Rehab (receiving total body work to turn everything back on and bringing the                body back into balance after all the overcompensation my body has had to do these last 5 months)

3.     Chiropractic care (Hips and Neck)