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When hydration & nutrition is a focus, blood becomes happy and healthy. Then total well being & performance rises! Re-discover yourself on a deeper level WITHIN.  Let’s see how your body is responding to the nourishment provided to you through the environmentfood, mental and emotional health. It’s time to take the awareness up a level.  


Today's food no longer has many of the basic minerals and vitamins because our crops have been modified and altered to grow more quickly and in mass amounts, which puts the nourishment on the back burner. 


What is Discover yourCELLS? It is nutrition focused microscopy; meaning LIVE blood analysis with REAL, live time, feedback. 


Create more awareness and connection to yourself on a deeper intracellular level and create something that is attainable & sustainable for you. 


Discover yourCELLS and explore what lives within you.


Become aware on how your body is responding to what YOU are deciding to place in & on your body. 


Learn more about how your body is operating. Think of this as exploring on an elevated LEVEL of taking back your power for YOUR body. 


Seeking the awareness?  Seeking the truth? Just plain curiosity? Come take a peek! 

Some exploring below

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(Type of White Blood Cell)
(Red Blood Cells)
Echinocyte & Uric Acid
(Damaged cell)  (Build up)
"You are your greatest discovery" ~ Jayna Nordmark

What is in it for you?!

You will walk away knowing more about how to nourish your body in a way that serves you best. Yes, customized for you.

You get to see your cells at work right before your eyes!

You will walk away having more self confidence and knowing you are capable to understand and see how your body operates on a cellular level, giving you more of your power back.

Green Smoothie
Bowl of Berries


Take 1 drop of LIVE blood and place it under a high powered video microscope. Then watch on a screen with enlarged videos to see what's really going on.  

Watch it at work! It is true that an individual's life and health energies show in the drops of their blood.

Did you know that 4.5-5 billion red blood cells are in 1 single drop?

Glasses of Water
Fresh Produce
How can 1 session change your life?

1 session can shift your perspective and give you such an understanding and sight on how the blood works and operates.  It will help you understand why blood is so important for your body to function and ways to make it operate at its best!  We will go into the cell variations, the possible toxic overload, how bacteria & toxins get into the blood and even go into the possible free radicals that may be compromising your cells. Compromised cells won't be able to serve your body well. You will also be provided with suggestions and sustainable solutions to shift things around if we see some cells that are not happy.  And what we CAN do to change that!


Giving you more Power, more Happiness, more Energy AND more Knowledge about yourself! Step 1 is to make that choice

Taking the time to explore yourself a little deeper, on a cellular level!



Jayna Nordmark

Nutrition Focused Microscopist

Are you ready to elevate yourself to another level of self connection & see your cells at work! My goodness, our bodies are absolutely divine and fascinating.

Every single cell of you is important and has a role.  Think of your cells like the highway delivering oxygen & nutrients to the rest of the body. 

It is time to explore and have fun on the journey. 


I do not cure, diagnose, prescribe, or treat

I bring awareness, improve, assess, suggest, relieve and ultimately bring you to a more powerfully balanced state.


This is  

JaynaNourishMe Logos-9.png