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Honor the Body 

I began my own journey of self help and continue today for I feel there is always more to learn.


After unsuccessfully getting to the root causes of what was facing through various people. Spending audacious amounts of time and money for "quick fixes". I decided to dive deeper in & go nude.


Nude meaning not full of preservatives, lies, marketing tactics, and chemicals. 

NUDEfood is just like you are naked, exposed, raw and natural. Exactly as you are. 

NUDEfood is plant focused nourishment utilizing Human Design, Ayurveda, Naturapathic and herbal remedies. You will see the shift on the exterior of your vessel by allowing the vessel to release toxins, create harmony and fill yourself with the nourishment it has been seeking by learning and discovering the feedback it has been giving you for so long. You will also feel the difference on the inside. Making love to yourself in a whole new way. A unified way.

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Custom 3 month transformative process that will leave you feeling zealous, free and light filled  Dive in, reconnect to your vessel & gain knowledge about yourself...

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NUDEfood nourishment guide. Full of recipes

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