"Oopsies to Ah-hahs" is a podcast of story sharing.  From the f*ck ups to the "gold" linings! We have all made oops and we have all experienced the f*ck ups.  A big part of learning in this life and experience on Earth is to find the lessons in the journey. This is a podcast of series of people like you and me sharing their truth. Sharing the laughter, the realness, and the perhaps even unspoken. Making it a space to heal, laugh, connect, establish new foundations and have the Ah-hahs and gold linings to apply in NOW. A podcast that I will meet you where you are, providing you a space where you belong so you can take new levels of ownership, power yourself, develop positive self image and anchored confidence for you to spread your wings and fly.


Sitting with inspired, curious minded individuals who are ready and willing to experience deep, rapid, lasting transformation.  The people who want to expand, evolve and enhance their lives! Who want to laugh, connect, broaden their horizons and discover a deeper level in their mind, heart, beliefs and thought process. 


 It’s about to get real.


See you there! 


JAYNA NORDMARK© is a certified Full Circle facilitator, believes in the power of connection, strong relationships, unity in the self to bring unity to the world, learning lessons and finding the "gold" linings. 

She believes that now, more than ever before to stand in your ownership, superpower, fuel your life and discover your unique self a little bit deeper.  This life is truly a journey. 

Welcome to "Oopsies to Ah-hahs" ! 


She can’t wait to sit with you in a healthy, uplifting and real platform of story sharing. Real stories with all the juicy details. It will allow us to process our own self and what is happening within and each other. 


much love

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Hiking Path
Envision a life where no mountain was too tough for you.  Envision a world were connection is genuine & we help one another grow and become more.