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Will my Yoni Egg get stuck?

From unbudgeable & jammed, to free and motion filled.

There are a couple types of experiences when using the Yoni egg for the first time.

  1. The egg falls out regularly

  2. The egg that appears stuck

Now what do they each symbolize?

First, let’s clarify it depends on the level of vaginal elasticity, body awareness, vaginal strength and inner trust when beginning the journey. We all start somewhere and each one of us has a unique experiences to why we are where we are.

The egg that often falls out represents the "#boltwomanThis is the woman who moves fast in the world and is often times disconnected from her bodily sensations because she usually neglects them in her effort to move quickly. Like an addiction, she becomes numb to sensation, meaning she may not have the vaginal awareness.

Or perhaps doesn’t knows her life-force energy and her pelvic floor fatigues faster. This can cause the stone to fall out easily.

My dear bolt I invite you to remain focused and centered of your body throughout the day, so you can hold onto the egg, conserve your energy and build strength. Incorporating a breathing regimen will help too. See blog "Breathe to presence" #justbreathe

The egg that appear stuck, eeekk! No stress, #holdon

The egg that appear stuck represents the “#clutchwoman”. This is the woman who tensely holds on to her egg, usually unconsciously, therefore believing or feeling it is stuck. She can tend to be [e]motionally inexpressive and may experience dryness or numbness in her yoni. Other traits may be holding onto things and not letting go. Also heavy bleeding, cysts, fibroids, BV, menstrual pain etc can be resulted.

My dear clutch, circulation is essential and I invite you to start doing yoni breathing exercises to open the circulatory pathways and incorporating deep breathing and moaning so you may been to embrace your feelings and release the truth that is eagerly wanting to release. See blog "Deep profound breathe" #deeplove

Perhaps you are both!

Disclaimer: you may be a variation of both of these woman! #boltclutchpower , either way its about claiming your vaginal willpower!

Your woman is your microcosm. Meaning it's a community in there! There is all types of qualities, characteristics & features. When you say or think it is “stuck” is a sign of avoiding your feminine power and refusing to own your body with pleasure and relaxation.

I invite you to acknowledge your sexuality of letting go.


Thrust your hips freely and in the midst the egg will unleash. This movement creates circulation in your womb and allows you to be at ease to release your egg.

Another position to release is the “berthing position” This you must completely relax, yes relax... ways to do that breathing in deeply and exhaling. Telling yourself you the legend! When you allow yourself to relax and unwind this will physiologically loosen your vaginal muscles. And your egg shall come out without needing to push at all. It may just glide out, however if you are tense in this position and your mind is racing or in panic, this position can lock the egg in more if done tensely.


During transit time aka bowel movements, typically the yoni egg will come out. So be mindful, allow it to glide out into you hand rinse it off and then decide if you would like to place back in for the practice or charge it up for later.

Remember #trustyourself, you are magically made, angelic and beyond measure worthy.

Victory and Blissings,

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