• Jayna

The Gatekeeper of your creative energy

The yoni circuit expands about 200 percent when energetically turned “on”

Soooo be mindful who you let near her.

Where is the gate? It's the cervix in your Yoni and the stronger it gets and ungulates more power during arousal, releasing uterine fluid and life-force-infusing fluid. Who is near her gets the life force energy.

Soooo be mindful who you let near her.

Did you know the heart chakra resides at our cervix— making it the most gentle, powerful and wisest part of our yoni.

This zone decides what enters our uterus- the zone of conception.

When the cervix is weak then this physiological wisdom function doesn’t operate well, nearly diminishes actually.

When it is strengthened, it allows LOVE to be conceived for greater growth in the body.

We can strengthen using the yoni egg.

No Cervix? No problem.

For woman who perhaps no longer have their cervix, it isn’t lost hope, you are rather more open, meaning you can amplify a cervical spirit in your womb and yoni.

Use the yoni egg to strengthen your canal and become more intimate & compassionate with your yoni.

Enjoy the journey, don't aim for just the results.

When we allow ourselves to enjoy the journey & find the bliss then your projection of outcomes will have a better boost of manifesting.

Rather than obsessing or forcing outcomes,

Allow the journey to lead & bliss you

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