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About Us

Greetings! Jayna here, founder of Focus IN. Something so epic, worthy and courageous that each one of us holds. To be harmonious, unlimited and compelling. To be vivacious, sexy and real. I have gotten to go on so many journeys in this life. The one that has penetrated me the most --> 

The process of reconnecting with myself in Mind Body Emotion and Soul

To conceive, create and experience. To be in the process of becoming.  

This has has taken my purpose and gifts to another level

Focus IN speaks from ONE voice. UNITY of self to then create UNITY as a whole.

Whole being ALL.  

Focus IN on cellular discovery. Investing in your health and being eco-friendly.

Erythrocytes, "In"timacy, LIFE, and water 

Cellular connection, Body connection, Soul connection, and Sexual energy connection and

yes water for our ever flowing abundant river.


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 Even through we each respond to trauma and emotional hardships in our own individual ways, the way to heal and release them is found in provable and workable steps. It brings us back to the foundation of what we are made of. Minerals, vitamins, water, nervous system and light energy. 

Maintaining our proper currency. The currency to keep channels flowing, open and LIVING happening zestfully.  

Vision is to TRULY choose to re-connect

Health is sexy 

Real Connection starts with you & me first. 

The vision is creating a river of life built in unity and love.

The mission is creating a community of jaw dropping focus, committed to creating deep, inner and exterior lasting balance and transformation for all.  This will drive meaning, teaching, purpose, love, bliss and more. 

Connection is our choice. Health is our responsibility. Consciousness & healing is our nature. 

Laptop and Flowers

Consultation Call 

Can't come visit me in person ? Let's connect virtually. Dive into discussing about the true foundation of the body. Bring your questions! This call brings education, suggestions, and coaching for what to focus on NOW.

Organized Desk

Connect Call

Let's dive into your life and see how we may be a good fit for each other. You choose the topic I come with the feedback and flow. 30 min

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Recycled Glass Stone decor​, T-shirt, and Yoni eggs

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You are invited to find your UNITY and Focus IN

YOU MATTER.  HONOR your NUDE. Restore, Real and Ready, Get honest and hold your word. Treat yourself the way you will to be treated. Treat others the way you will to be treated. We are better together than apart. Ownership where you are. You are your greatest discovery. Tap into the bliss and pure joy.  

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