Power as a wombman

This means focus, consistency and effort. 

Orgasmic living is fulfilling and blissful, no matter what we are doing. 

Your true essence...
Your true power...
Your true orgasmic...
Your true joy...

There is so much power in the energy  that we release! It brings balance and harmony and [a]lignment to your greatest purpose. 


No need to be the take on the expense of conditional thinking and being when you have the power to decide differently 


No need to distort, block, or suppress. Don’t forget your true essence of the sexual nature of being a wombman. 

What is a Yoni Egg?

It is a polished crystal stone in the shape of an egg, created to be inserted into your vagina canal (Yoni)

What does it do?

The eggs moves in the canal, not beyond her cervix and stimulates the slits and creases to wake her. 

Yoni egg can boost that circulation too! 


The blood flow from the weight of the egg resting near the cervix will allow for healing to accelerate in her.  The more blood flow we have the quicker the repairing of the tissue.  

Yoni Eggs stimulate and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. 


They simultaneously sensitize these muscles when you insert one and over time can do 2 in the yoni. Allow it to rest there for a few hrs each day will help you cultivate the following:

  • Creating general knowing if your vaginal muscles

  • Connecting with your vaginal muscles

  • Experiencing juicy organic orgasms

  • Toning the vaginal canal 

  • Increasing your sexual drive 

  • Generating more vaginal lubrication 

  • Reducing yeast infections and pH shifts 

  • Deepening the body’s consciousness 

  • Preventing pelvic prolapse

  • Increasing fertility

  • Imbedding vaginal birthing awareness 

  • Soothing pelvic floor tension 

  • Creating more confidence in your sexual motion 

dark field blood microscopy blood test microscope microscope for blood analysis blood smear microscope

All V Bliss Yoni eggs are reported through
GIA (Gemologist Institute of America)

They are real and are properly examined for mineral makeu

blood microscopy blood smear under microscope microscope to see blood cells blood through microscope live blood cell microscopy
Bliss: perfect happiness & great joy

Yoni eggs help build a woman’s sexual drive and her ability to experience vaginal orgasm.


Ps this is much different than a clitoral orgasm. 

We cannot compromise the yoni so quality is a must for V Bliss. 

Common Questions


There are a couple types of experiences when using the Yoni egg for the first time. 


  1. The egg falls out regularly

  2. The egg that appears stuck


Now, what do they each symbolize? 

Will my Yoni Egg get stuck?

Pink Petals

Daily! As often as possible

Either wear it the whole day or wear it at night

Depending on the practice you choose.

The focus is to connect and find your true unity with you and your yoni. Practicing full autonomy over your vaginal muscles that you can control the energy movement in your womb and beyond.

Only time not suggested to wear it is during your moon cycle and when the crystals are charging .

How often should I wear

my Yoni Egg?


Reclaim you relationship with your yoni. Reclaim your relationship with your womb.

Reclaim your relationship with your infinite feminine energy.

Natural Beauty
Woman with Gray Hair
Natural Beauty
Smiling Woman

All woman

can use a Yoni Egg

Smiling Blonde Woman

I sleep amazing when I use my egg at night. Not only do I feel more in touch with my feminine energy but also seems to keep my pH balanced down there too! I wear it daily and truly love it.

- Elle, 30

67% of woman felt an immediate difference in confidence with the body after using her yoni egg.
77% of woman say they feel more aware after using their yoni egg.
89% of woman say they feel more spiritually connected to her sexuality after using her yoni egg.
69% of woman feel more orgasmic & more sexual desire since using her yoni egg.
58% of woman say she feels her yoni has become tighter since using her yoni egg.

Ready for your Yoni genius to come out naturally?

Using the yoni egg allows for you to TRUST your yoni more and more each day. 

The more intelligence you tap into for your yoni the more comprehensive and reflective of the real you will show. 


It is time to take her off autopilot and unleash her to her true nature.